Sunday, January 08, 2012

Airspeed Rolls Out New Website! This Site Now Archive-Only.

After a successful run of six years on the Blogger platform, we've outgrown it. Please head over to to see the new blog and catch up on all of the news and content from Airspeed and its related projects!

We've migrated all of the content from this Blogger site (more than 400 posts, including the show notes from more than 200 episodes) over the new site, so you won't miss a thing.

This site will remain online so that the huge number of links that have accumulated over the years will stay active. But we'll no longer be updating this site. We're sorry for any inconvenience, but we're sure that the additional functionality and capability of the new site will be more than worth the effort to update your bookmark.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Airspeed Upgrading its Website (Pardon Our Dust!)

If you've been redirected here by, it's because there's good news here at Airspeed. We're revamping the Airspeed web experience!

After using this Blogger site for most of the last six years as a place to keep show notes and provide updates about the show, it's time to update things to provide a more complete user experience.

For whatever reason, organizations evaluating Airspeed's reach have looked solely to the Blogger site and have regarded it as Airspeed's sole online presence. I guess it's hard to blame some of them. For many, online media means the web and nothing else. That's how many media reps are trained. Most don't understand RSS-based media like podcasting or understand that the real reach is in the podcast feed numbers and other metrics that aren't captured in a website or blog. But it becomes a problem when the misunderstanding results in underestimation and difficulty in getting the coverage opportunities that benefit both Airspeed and the host organization.

So I'll take responsibility for as much of that as I can. The first step is what you see here. I'm moving the Airspeed website over to a WordPress site with better SEO and more ability to format and present information about - and from - the show in a way that's more accessible to both the audience and those in a position to grant coverage opportunities.

So - what does this mean?

First, THIS BLOGGER BLOG WILL SOON CEASE TO BE UPDATED. I’ll leave it in place so that the hundreds or thousands of links that have piled up over the years will still be live. But I’ll update the masthead to identify the new site at

Second, for the next week or two, it's going to mean a pretty goofy-looking site over at as I learn the ropes of WordPress. But, after that, the site will be a much better resource for Airspeed fans, opportunity grantors, and others.

So please pardon our dust for the next couple of weeks. It's going to be goofy and ugly for a a little while, but it'll be amazing before you know it!