Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photos from the Battle Creek Airshow - Part 1

I'm still producing the shows from the audio I garnered at Battle Creek over the Independence Day holiday, but here's some eye candy to tide you over.

My photographer and cousin, Tim Reed, is a freaking genius. Above is a shot of Gene Soucy's Show Cat (a heavily-modified Grumman G-164A with a Pratt & Whitney R1340-series engine) in aerobatic flight on July 3. It was overcast at 10,000 fet or below and spitting rain and mist, but Gene was out there flying his ass off for us. Tim processed the sky a little using Photoshop, but this is otherwise pretty much what it looked like.

The Show Cat makes some of the sweetest noise you've ever heard and, because Gene's performance is mostly at or below 1,500 feet AGL, you can really see what's going on., even if you're not right up against the snow fence.

We'll feature an interview with Gene and with Theresa Stokes, the wingwalker, on a future edition of the podcast. In the meantime, you can find out more about Gene and Theresa at and you can contact photographer par excellence Tim Reed at

Image (c) 2006 Timothy Reed. All rights reserved. Presented by permission.

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