Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yet More Transitions: Airspeed Moves to Libsyn!

I hope you're not here because you're having trouble with our feed. In fact, it'd be great if you're here because you're thrilled about the speed, efficiency, and reliability of the feed!

In any case, here's the skinny.

I finally got (1) fed up with the existing RSS manager for the podcast (2) fed up with the file host that I had been using for some of the episodes (1&1's front end and just about every other element of its services are constantly broken and I'm tired of talking to tech support! Net Voce, ( and Daniel McNew on the other hand, rock!), and (3) enough time to fully migrate the podcast to another RSS provider!

So here's what is supposed to happen. 22 episodes are already migrated over to Libsyn. I have another five episodes that 1&1 lost that I need to find on my local hard drive and make available using Libsyn. Then I'll have all of the Airspeed and Airspeed in Brief episodes (almost 30!) available in one RSS feed and from one website!

Note that I'm not posting the two Airspeed in Brief episodes that were merely parts of the full Airspeed episodes. But all other episodes will be available.

Once I get the remaining five episodes transitioned, I'm going to put a redirect in the old feed. My present RSS provider says that "Enabling redirection will cause the [current-RSS-manager-who-will-not-be-named] server to return a 301 error and redirect to the new location when receiving a request for the old feed. Doing so will cause both the iTunes Music Store and the iTunes clients that have subscribed to your podcast to pick up the new feed URL."

If the redirect works (and I have grave doubts about whether it will), you should be transitioned over to the Libsyn feed automatically without any action on your part.

If it doesn't work, you will need to update the RSS feed that you use for Airspeed to:

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please e-mail me at with any questions or if I can be of assistance. Even if we only successfully transition the iTunes users, that will still give us an 83% transition rate automatically. I apologize to users of other podcatchers if we lose them. Please find us and re-subscribe if we lose you!

The transition should allow us to deliver the podcast more reliably and also provide a means of accessing the entire Airspeed library from one convenient feed and web location. Additionally, the transition should give us better metrics so that we can show sponsors and potential providers of orientation flights the reach of the podcast. That should come around to benefit you, the listeners, as we obtain better and better opportunities to bring you cooler and cooler content.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

- Steve

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