Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aerial Photography with Dave Higdon

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We all love those gorgeous air-to-air photos of aircraft that grace the covers and the insides of our favorite flight magazines. We even like the ones in the ads. Sometimes especially the ads. Ever wonder who shoots those pictures or how they do it?

Enter ace aviation photographer Dave Higdon.

Dave has been a working journalist for more than 25 years and currently freelances for a number of media outlets. His magazine work lands his images on several covers each year and on ever more advertising pages. He is an accomplished pilot with almost 5,000 hours flown in a variety of aircraft, including hang gliders, ultralights, and light-sport aircraft, as well as general aviation aircraft ranging from piston singles to light business jets.

He is the president and creative director of PhotoProse Productions in Withita, Kansas. He is also a regular part of the panel on Uncontrolled Airspace, a relatively new entry to the podsphere that just hit its sixth episode and is one of the best hangar-flying shows out there.

[Interview audio.]

Thanks to Dave Higdon for taking time to talk to us.

We’ve covered some ground here about techniques, planning, and other aspects of flight and about aerial photography. As ever, nothing you hear on Airspeed is flight instruction or any recommendation with regard to the operation of an aircraft. Consult a certified flight instructor and otherwise get the proper training from qualified personnel before you consider doing anything you hear about here on Airspeed. The Airspeed legal staff thanks you – and maybe now they’ll let me take my thumbs out of this vice.


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