Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Instrument Rating - In Hot Pursuit

Is there anything quite so great as getting to preflight indoors on a cold, windy winter day? Got 2.5 hours in with seven approaches at KFNT. ILS 9 (2) (full and partial panel); VOR 9 (3); and RNAV 9 (2). Then shot the ILS 9R at KPTK.

Almost too nice a day to waste under the hood. Few at 2,000, scattered at 22,000. Visibility 10+. CAVU!

After not having shot an approach in an actual airplane since September, this was great. The first approach sucked and we didn't get down fast enough (mostly due to approach keeping us way high until the inbound procedure turn for the VOR full procedure 9 at KFNT), but all else was pretty reasonable. Got yelled at by the tower for dropping below the MDA on final during the first RNAVs (What the heck? MDA on the plate was 1,300 and we even double-checked the altimeter and verified our radar return with the tower).

New episode coming out on Friday! Stay tuned!

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