Monday, April 23, 2007

Flying the Flags at Half Staff

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They're flying the flags at half staff at the airport today. As many of you know, LCDR Kevin Davis, the Blue Angels' opposing solo, was killed on Saturday toward the end of a demonstration at Naval Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina. Our thoughts are with LCDR Davis's family and with the team.

1 comment:

Mike said...

I'm really distressed about this incident; it's always unfortunate whenever a pilot goes down with his plane.

I'm also extremely uncomfortable with the coverage the media has been doing on this incident. Case in point; a local TV news channel did a whole segment on airshows called, "High-Flying + High-Speed = High-Risk!" The long and short of their segment was that airshows are too risky and that we should more or less abolish them.

I almost cried when the news anchor rattled off some cities that are now considering legislation to ban airshows.

The fact that I am statistically more likely to die on my way to the airshow (by several orders of magnitude), rather than being in attendance, doesn't seem to deter anyone in the media.