Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're Here! Oshkosh 2007

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We're here! Here's the classic shot with the tower. MVFR and showers all around, so I'm not sure how busy it actually was. Nevertheless, we saw them arriving as we made our way to the campsite.

Cole thinks that a C-5A is a darned handy thing to have around in case you need shelter in which to wait out a rain shower. And who could blame him?

Editing late at night at the campsite. There's great wireless here! Way to go, EAA!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, glad to hear you're at Oshkosh...I wish I were there, but it's a little far from Hawaii.

Looking forward to your podcast from there! As an aspiring teenage pilot, I was drooling over the Cessna LSA prototype I saw in the news last year. The LSA category opens doors to those who often must forgo aviation for its expense. It's awesome.

Thanks for all your work!