Thursday, October 25, 2007

Checkride Update for 25 October - IFR Checkride Complete!

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I passed the checkride this morning! Thanks for the cards and letters. They meant (and continue to mean) a lot.I received approval from the examiner to include audio from the checkride in a future episode, so you can expect to hear the highlights sometime soon.

In the meantime, it's back to Airspeed as usual. Upcoming episodes include an interview with Castrol aerobatic and racing pilot Mike Goulian, flying skydivers in the Super Otter with Dave Schwartz of Skydive Radio, and lots more.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. If you were beginning to be annoyed at the constant Checkride Updates, all I can say is "You and me both!" I never thought it would take four tries to get flyable weather, but that's my beloved State of Michigan in October for you.
It has its upsides. I arrived at the checkride with more than 15 hours of actual, which is off-scale high for an instrument candidate, and I have the local weather and some excellent flight instructors to thank for that. And I think that it made me a better IFR pilot. But it gets a little tedious doing the flight planning each time and having to keep the knowledge for the oral current and ready for recall.
Back to our regularly-scheduled podcast. And some great adventures ahead!


BertAtHome said...

Hi Stephen,

Congratulation! I followed your IFR check ride adventure reading the blog and listening the podcast.
Great achievement!
I wish you the best in flying and keep on interviewing the world of aviation.

Bert Dance
Emmen, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Awesome Stephen! Glad you finally got good weather! Congrats!

Tom said...

Hey Steve, Glad you finally got your license to learn in the clouds.
Tom Gilmore MCFI

Geoff Knauth said...

Congratulations! I enjoy your podcast and I've been rooting for you. Getting my instrument ticket 22 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. Stay away from fog, thunderstorms and ice.

Now if you can lead us all into what it takes to become a CFI or CFII, then I'll really be glued to your podcast. Our CFI in residence moved to North Carollina, so it's something I've had on my mind.

Best wishes,

1st Lt Geoffrey Knauth, CAP
Commander, NER-PA-065
WIlliamsport Composite Squadron 401

k said...

Hey Stephen;

Great to hear you passed your hood ride! You might be surprised at how little you'll have to do actual holds or full procedures now (although it never hurts to stay well practiced)!

Keep the blue side up and the podcasts flowing,
Multi CFI