Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Separate Audio Version of Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined

Realizing that the material in the December 8 episode that preceded and succeeded the reading of Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined will be stale shortly and that many folks might want audio of just the reading of the piece, here's a link to that very thing. The Airspeed theme music preceeds and succeeds the reading.


Please remember that the piece and this audio is (c) 2007 The Wilshire Resource Group, LLC and all rights are reserved, but you can download it and listen to it for your own personal enjoyment. Additionally, we are generally pretty easy about giving permission for use in other ways (especially if you happen to be AOPA, EAA, NASA, Scaled Composites, another aviation podcast, or other exceedingly cool organization, etc.). E-mail steve@airspeedonline.com or call 248-470-7944 for more information.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks for redoing this as a stand-alone file. This is a fantastic piece of spoken word audio.
I've linked to it from the PropBlast blog.