Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Beverage with Midway Six, Finding a New Place to Rent Airplanes, and a Visit from the Rodent

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Midway Six, fellow Civil Air Patrol captain, guest on Airspeed, and publisher of CAPblog was in town visiting family and we got together for an adult beverage and to talk flying, CAP, and flying. This just seems to be the couple of weeks for meeting folks from the podsphere and blogosphere in person. (Note visit to see Greg Summers of The Student Pilot Journal below.) It's really gratifying to know that the folks whose content you really like turn out to be just as cool in person as you'd hope they'd be.

I spent some time Saturday afternoon at Flight 101/Pontiac Flight Service looking around. As a recent refugee from Tradewinds, I need to find another place to rend airplanes. Flight 101 has 152s, 172s, and a couple of DA-40s. I'll probably get checked out in their 172s (and maybe the 152s for the heck of it) initially and then go for the DA-40 checkout later this summer.

Turns out that Robert Ericson, a CFI at Flight 101, is a listener! It was hardly a celebrity moment, but it's really cool to run into someone who knows the show and recognizes your voice.

In other news, I scheduled my multi training with Tom Brady of Traverse Air for April 19-21. The more I ask around about the guy, the more good things I hear about him and his aircraft. Really looking forward to getting that done. Then it's on to the the DC-3!

And what would an Easter post be without a photo of the visit from the Rodent du Jour? EB is making the rounds of the neighborhood and stopped at our house this afternoon. Kind of nice, considering that I made Cole and Ella hang around at Flight 101 well past their attention spans the day before.

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Anonymous said...

Absolute pleasure to meet you Steve. Hope to see you around Flight 101 soon