Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cockpit Shot of the Herpa DC-3 with Dan Gryder

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Got a great picture from Dan Gryder last night of the cockpit of the Herpa DC-3. Not sure what kind of lens was used, but it captures the whole cockpit beautifully. Just look at that! And, what, 17 feet off the ground? Enough to make a 172 jockey drool on his kneeboard.

(I’m assuming that it’s the lens and that Dan doesn’t have a Popeye left forearm and a Tyrannosaurus Rex right arm – unless his left arm is overdeveloped from helping left-seat students manipulate the center-console controls. We all know that Dan is darned generous with the left seat and spends most of the time in the aircraft in the right seat.)

I put in this week for the first training group in May and am hoping to get in for one of the two groups that Dan thinks will come through in May. Of course, he’s an airline pilot and does lots of other things, so the schedule won’t firm up until Dan gets his airline schedule for the appropriate parts of May. But I’ll be sure to update you guys when I get the schedule locked down.

Remember that you, too, can become type-rated in the DC-3. And might even have the experience of flying with Capt Force and getting on the podcast episode(s) about it. Such as that experience might be. (I’m more into the idea of flying with Capt Gryder myself . . .). Dan's contact information follows.

147 Sky Harbor Way
Griffin, Ga 30223

I also put in my order with a US dealer for my very own 1:200 scale Herpa model of the Herpa DC-3. Many thanks to Herpa for helping Dan get the aircraft out to events like Sun 'N Fun and for providing great ways for guys like me to connect with the golden age of commercial aviation. Check out the full line of Herpa aviation products here.

Depending on the timing, I may also try to get over to see the distributor of the Sky Arrow 600 for the eastern US while I’m down in Georgia and take a test flight. They’re located near Atlanta, so I’m going to go see them if I can swing it.

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