Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Cockpit Shot from the Thunderbirds Ride

Tim Reed has been working on some of the pictures he took at the airshow. Here's a rather good one of me sitting in the cockit just before the Thunderbirds ride. Can't say what I'm thinking, but it probably runs the entire gamut.

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Tom said...

How are you going to top this event in your list of Podcast accomplishments! The next one can only be a ride in the Spaceshuttle.
Your discription of your Thunderbirds ride almost put the listener in the cockpit. The Thunderbirds sure took the right media person for the ride and one who could do it justice with a large audience distribution and your energetic dialogue.
I hope more pilots appreciate getting on the bandwagon and start to subsribe to your Podcasts. You are one lucky guy to get to ride with the T'birds!
Tom Gilmore, MCFI