Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lunch and Techspeak with Rod Rakic in Chicago

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I had client meetings in Chicago this week, so I naturally called up fellow CAP captain Rod Rakic of to head out to lunch.

I got a visiting office at my firm’s offices on LaSalle Street and met Rod. Some really good and authentic Mexican food, some really nasty Italian cigars, and some good conversation about how myTransponder is going to grow. I naturally gave my EUR 0.015 and I hope it was helpful.

It’s both odd and wonderful that most of my friends these days are those I rarely actually see in person and that I met through new media, particularly the podcasting community. That’s one of the benefits of the long tail. It connects you with folks who share passions that are parts of pieces of side tracks of the mainstream and who are really good at leveraging those things.

I’m back in Michigan now, putting together the Thunderbirds summary episode, extracting some music tracks for A Pilot’s Story, and getting ready to post the David Kneupper interview. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

let me guess, La Salle street? Did I win?

Good to hear bloggers, web masters all getting together to work WITH each other!