Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Airspeed Wrapping Up 2008 - Holiday Special In Process!

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“I started out working in film, but I found that it was insufficiently visual.”

- Anonymous radio producer.

Wrapping up the calendar year soon here at Airspeed. I started writing the holiday feature today (not much of a start in terms of word count, but the framework is in place and all I need to do is stretch the fabric over it). I’ll probably post the holiday episode this week or early next and then drop off radar until early January.

As you know, Airspeed turns three in just a little more than a month. With 148,929 downloads of the show in 2008 through the date of this post and a near doubling of monthly volume over the course of the year, the show has really caught fire this year. And I think that the show might have passed its 100th episode somewhere in there.

It’s extraordinarily nice to have thousands of you in the back seat when I fly and I’m already working on some extraordinary opportunities to bring you in 2009. Expanded airshow coverage (adding the Indianapolis Air Show and Sun ‘N Fun in 2009), more flight training (possibly DC-3 recurrency and maybe some balloon training), more video (including continuing aerobatics in the Citabria), and more.

You know that Airspeed puts you in the cockpit like no other medium and we’ll keep bending over backwards (or pulling to inverted!) to bring you the best-researched, best-produced, most in-depth, and most emotionally-charged experiences in the podsphere, on the radio, or anywhere else.

Stay subscribed and I’ll see you on the other side of the new year!

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