Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aerial Videography Panel

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These are the show notes to an audio episode. If you want to listen online, please use the direct link below.

With principal photography for Acro Camp coming up in a just over a month, I thought that now would be a great time to gather some of new media’s most noted experts on capturing images aloft and pick their brains for an hour.

The panel includes Acro Camp director of photography Will Hawkins, Indianapolis Airshow Director Roger Bishop, and independent aviation video producer and enthusiast Rick Felty, each of whom brings a different view of the task of capturing the visual elements of flight and making them exciting for aviators and non-aviators alike.

We talk about equipment, mounting techniques, stabilization, editing, rendering, safety, and more.

Check out the movie’s website at for news about production and building the buzz!


. said...

Brilliant episode guys! Really excited to try out some of the tips and tricks discussed... If you can't take someone flying, even better than telling them about it is showing them!

FlyCRJ said...

Certainly looks more fun than what I do for a living. My flying is just from here to there and then maybe there.

How do you get into flying like that?

Who do you talk to?



Danny V said...

What mounts are you using to mount the cameras in the airplane?