Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Touching the True Source: CAP NESA MAS 2010 - The Combined Audio Episode with Print Version

Here it is! The full version of my experiences at Civil Air Patrol’s National Emergency Services Academy Mission Aircrew School in June of 2010. All of the audio and all 30,000 words, among with images!

As you know, Airspeed is primarily intended to be consumed (and is overwhelmingly consumed) through thousands of handheld audio and video devices all over the world. But this is a pretty epic presentation (nearly two hours) and some of the more ambitious of you are going to want a linkable place at which to access the whole thing by means of the web. So here you go!

An MP3 file containing the entire 1:49:19 (100MB) essay is available at

The PDF document with the whole essay and images from the school and the events leading up to it lives at

More information about Civil Air Patrol is available at More information about NESA is available at

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Doug said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences at NESA MAS. I had no idea there was so much organization and professionalism within CAP.

Nashua NH