Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Battle Creek Airshow - Days 3 and 4

Just back from days three and four of the five days at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow. As you can see from the picture,lots of cool stuff happened. For one thing, I got a balloon flight, courtesy of Dave Emmert in Cloud Nine. I also met and interviewed a Thunderbird, a Snowbird, and several others. Lots of editing and production to do, but we'll get the material up and on both the podcast and the blog as soon as we can.


Matt said...

I loved going to airshows as a kid back in Michigan. The family would pile up and head to one part or another of the state to see all the awesome aircraft.

The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds were always my favorites. I found some video of a Thunderbird accident with one lucky pilot. You can find a ground shot and cockpit shot here:


Stephen Force (Steve Tupper) said...

Ugly crash. I got an interview with Maj. Jeremy Sloan, the operations officer of the Thunderbirds and pilot of the No. 7 jet on 2 July at Battle Creek. That interview will air in a few weeks - after Part 3 of So you Want to Be an Astronaut. I also talked with the No. 3 Snowbird.

These guys (and now gals) do risky stuff and train hard for it. I found the radio calls interesting. I gather that "knock it off" is a Pro Word for "end of show and put the contingency plan into effect."