Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Final Part 141 Stage Check Complete! On to the Checkride!

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Completed the stage check this afternoon for the Part 141 instrument rating program at Tradewinds. Yeah, baby! 2.4 hours Hobbs, two takeoffs, two landings, ILS 27 KFNT with circle to land 18, RNAV 18 KFNT with published miss and hold, VOR 18 full procedure KFNT, and VOR 27L KPTK partial panel. Less of a workout than last week, if only in that I've done a lot more approach work of late and and am more comfortable with the approach environment than I am handling rapid deviations from flight plans, holding at odd places, and doing DME arcs.

So now it's on the the checkride with Mary Carpenter, the designated examiner who did my private checkride more than three years ago. She was great on the private ride and I expect a fair and objective ride with her this time, too.

I'm walking into the checkride with an 88 on the FAA Knowledge Test (wanted 90%+, but I'll take the 88), which should put me on good footing, both because I know about 88% of the stuff and because Mary will have reason to think that I've studied prior to the ride.

Here's N916TA, the trusty steed that I flew for the stage check and one of two aircraft that are candidates for the checkride. Either should be fine. I'll probably try for 16 because I've flown her more recently, but I'd have no problem going with N920TA, which is essentially the same airplane, only newer. I probably have 15+ hours in each, so no problem.

Stay tuned for more on the checkride! Planning for the second week of October.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck Steven on your checkride! I passed my back in July and found that going into it with a sense of confidence (Let's see if she can throw anything at me that I can't handle) and it came through in my flying that day.

Thanks so much for the Airspeed podcast. I've been getting caught up on the feed, having recently found it and was so moved I wrote about it in my flying blog. Keep up the good work and best of luck!

Anonymous said...

is this the P model...thats the one I got my PPL on ...I miss her ! got my IFR rating on 918TA

Stephen Force (Steve Tupper) said...

R models. Somebody wrecked N918TA on landing in 2005 or so. Pilot okay, but airplane totaled. 18 was my favorite aircraft at Tradewinds.