Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Otter Ride with Dave Schwartz at Skydive Chicago

This is a regular blog post. If you're looking for show notes, please see below.

Visited Dave Schwartz, co-founder and co-host of Skydive Radio on Tuesday at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, illinois. Great drop zone! I am told that I am now spoiled for other drop zones and I'm inclined to believe it.

This'll evolve into a podcast episode when I get the time to edit the audio.

Got to ride along on a couple of jump loads in the Twin Otter. Needless to say, it climbs in a lovely way. And Dave has mad energy-management skills. Developed additional respect for the by-the-checklist safety culture and attention to every operational detail that pros like Dave just seem to naturally exude and practice.

Great experience! Can't wait to do the episode itself!


Anonymous said...

Thought you guys might be interested in this

jfmnyc said...

Sounds like you should do a jump - That would make a pretty awesome episode of Airspeed!

Stephen Force (Steve Tupper) said...

I'd like to make a jump and Dave and the folks were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to do a tandem. But I have trick shoulder that dislocates when I hold my arm in the proper position for belly-flying. The shoulder essentially keeps me from flying powered paragliders, too (requires a high and outward reach to use the brakes and/or the A's). Sure wish I could! And great of you to suggest it!

jfmnyc said...

That's too bad about your shoulder - but it sounds like you're having plenty of fun without leaving the plane. Keep the great podcasts coming! btw, you might find some of my aviation-related pics interesting -