Monday, October 01, 2007

Checkride Update 1 October 2007: T-Minus 10 Days to Checkride

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Off to a slow start. Spent most of the weekend and all day today at work. Went to Kirby's Koney for dinner and edited a bit more of the book.

Going to go fly some sim in the morning. Probably partial-panel approaches to some relevant airports. Trying to get work out of the way so I can spend a few evenings studying my hiney off.


Anonymous said...

what program do they use for a sim? Flight Simulator from Microsoft?

I fly 172's in FS2004

Do you have a computer at home that has the horse power for Flight Sim? If so that could give just that bit more of practice.

Stephen Force (Steve Tupper) said...

See the October 5 blog post above. The sim used OnTop software.