Monday, October 19, 2009

Video Episode - CAP Glider Sorties

Airspeed - VIDEO - CAP Glider Sorties from Steve Tupper on Vimeo.

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These are the show notes to a video episode. If you want to watch online, please use the direct link below.

Here’s the video from my first two glider sorties. I went up during the Oakland County International Airport (KPTK; “Pontiac”) Open House 16 August 2009 with Mark Grant.

These were CAP sorties with CAP equipment both towing and towed. And we were in some pretty busy Class D airspace, as you can hear. Great experience. I need to get out and get some stick time as well. Maybe a project for next summer.

BTW, I’m a CAP major and member of CAP’s Oakland Composite Squadron in southeast Michigan. That’s how I got access to these great rides. I also volunteered at the event, handing kids and adults into and out of the CAP aircraft.

I put this footage up in and Airspeed episode because it was a great experience and because I promote CAP to anyone who’ll listen. But you should know that CAP doesn’t endorse or promote Airspeed. Fair enough?


Mark Curtis said...

Great Job with the Video Steve! It's great to see you showcasing the CAP Glider Program and to give people a 'birds eye' view of what cadets (and a few privileged Senior Members)can do in the Civil Air Patrol. Capt Mark Grant is a consummate glider pilot and a true asset to the Michigan Wing!

Keep up the good work!

- Mark

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rare view from the cockpit of a glider in a busy traffic environment...great showcase for a glider's capability in very capable hands.
Had fun watching from the ground; especially liked the 'taxi' to the ramp!

John G. Harte
President, Sandhill Soaring Club

Anonymous said...

With all these "Majors" and "Captains" my arm may grow weary from all the saluting!